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Cult Rhythm and Blues heroes Nine Below Zero are currently touring the UK in support of their brand new album 13 Shades of Blue – a celebration of the expansive genre of Rhythm and Blues.

Nine Below Zero tour with the line-up of: Dennis Greaves (guitar/vocals), Mark Feltham (harmonica), Mickey ‘Stix’ Burkey (drums) and Ben Willis (bass) as well as additional horn section, keyboards, and backing vocalist.

This exciting new Nine Below Zero Big Band made its live debut on the Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury 2016.

Since their genesis in the 1970s, Nine Below Zero have been known for providing unique and innovative music in the form of alt blues-rock. Speaking about the tour, front-man Dennis Greaves said “To be able to tour with our own big band has been an ambition fulfilled …. the energy and enthusiasm at our festival appearances this Summer was contagious.”

We can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve spent all this time putting together” Dennis concludes.

13 Shades of Blues

13 SHADES OF BLUE say's exactly what the album is, a cross-section of styles that come under the heading of BLUES and R'n'B. 

We recorded 18 songs initially and whittled them down to 13. The rest of the tracks will be available in some form or another at a later date.

The project all came about from our warm-up gig for Universal's release of our back-catalogue at The Blues Kitchen. In the audience was our good friend and Universal's catalogue man Johnny Chandler, who was responsible for putting out the deluxe versions of Live At The Marquee, Don't Point Your Finger and Third Degree. Having seen the storming show at The Blues Kitchen he said ''you should do a Best Of album".


What he meant by that is, go through the full spectrum of The Blues picking rare songs in the style of RnB, Soul, Funk, Blues and Cajun and record them in your own NBZ style. 
"With your musicianship Nine Below Zero can do this" he said. So with the help of Johnny's  vast knowledge, having been a DJ and my use of Spotify, YouTube and my vinyl collection, we started to compile a play-list together.
We then formed a big band, made up of friends and local musicians, to help us bring the songs to life.
The fruits of this labour is 13 SHADES OF BLUE.


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