Nu Kingdom (Mississippi, USA)

Nobody ever questions whether any good gospel singing goes on in Mississippi. You only have to ask, where? As a matter of fact, there is rich and treasured tradition of good ole stomp down gospel music that lives there. People start to get a bit worried if they don't hear it every week.

There is a little town, not far from Jackson, that boasts the talents of a local quartet known as "Nu Kingdom". They live in a town no bigger than it's name, "Its". That's right. There's a cozy little community, made up mostly of people of color and they love down home gospel music.

Group leader, Timothy Ashmore, had a vision and a talent to officially assemble this quartet of friends after they had spent all of their very young years going from church to church, just doing what they know, and it turns out that they know how to sing. Timothy started playing the Piano at age 8 and by the time he was 12, was employed by his local church.

After singing for countless churches and revivals around "Its", Nu Kingdom would be discovered by Pastor Albert Mickel (noted lead vocalist/Joyful), on one of his many Stateside revival outings. It turns out that Albert also proudly calls "Its his birthplace as well.

This group of young people break all the rules by taking new fangled gospel and making it classic again. Their old time harmonies far and away exceeds their years. Audience around "Its" have become accustomed to "Nu Kingdom" shaking the foundations of th elocal churches.

Ever after having tremendous success locally with their music, Nu Kingdom never really gave serious thought to taking their talents on the road. Their mission has always been about the business of spreading the gospel locally. Who knows, maybe it's time to spread it a little bit further.

For the first time in Italy!

Timothy Ashmore - Keyboard, vocal
Ebony Fears - vocal
Tammye Hal l- vocal
Lamarris Hall - vocal

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