J.C. New Orleans Gospel Singers (New Orleans, USA)

J C & Company is rooted in the more traditional gospel styles that have become a trademark for so many gospel groups such as the Southern Travelers and the Great Mahalia Jackson. Their soulful gospel style reaches back in time and reminds you of when gospel was gospel, and you didn't have to wonder about it.
For many years, J C & Company was lead by Jerome Clark, When onstage together, they perform like finetuned instruments, as they weave their testimony into their heart-felt and utterly powerful performances.
They leave nothing to the imagination. It is one hundred percent gospel music all the time.

In 1994, Jerome Clark and Kelroy Price brought this family oriented group of 7 neighborhood friends together to form the group J C & Company. Each of the members are not only talented songwriters and musicians, they were raised as gospel music performers and have worked with various other southern gospel groups before coming together as J C & Company. Some of the better known local artists they have worked with are The Mighty Chariots, The Randolph Brothers and, the well known Price Brothers.
Collectively, this group started out with over 20 years of great Southern gospel music  experience under their collective belts, and that was more than ten years ago!

J C & Company released their first CD,
Stand Up during the summer of 1997 on the Rampart Street Music Label; their 2nd CD, If You Confess was released in 2002.

The group made their maiden voyage into the European market in the latter part of 1998 and they were an instant success; today, J C & Company continues to wow audiences all over the globe. In addition to touring to places such as Spain, Italy, France & Germany, the group has also had the pleasure of performing in local churches, venues and events such as Preservation Hall, House of Blues, Tipitina’s, City Park’s Celebration in The Oaks, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and French Quarter Festival.

They believe in giving back to their community. They have performed in several local homes for the elderly around the city. This is a way for them to bring the gospel message to those who are unable to attend a church service. They have shared the stage with some of the most noted names in the gospel business, such as: The Gospel Keynotes, The Jackson Southernaires, The Christianaires, and Joyful & the Spirit Of New Orleans Choir just to name a few.

Lucain Randolph, the group’s leader began singing at the age of 4. His first public singing appearance was with his younger sister Jan when they sang “Jesus Loves Me, This I know…” for a neighborhood church musical program. Later the same year, Luke’s uncle Henry encouraged Luke, his brothers and some cousins to form The Randolph Brothers and they did. Their first recording experience came in 1975 when they recorded “Come on Let’s Go to Glory.” Upon Uncle Huray’s death, Luke’s father took over the band and helped them with their first full length album titled “Dedication to Jesus” which led to a regional tour
to places such as Texas, S. Carolina, Memphis, Atlanta and Mississippi. The Randolph Brothers disbanded in 1994. Luke and some of his brothers got together with friends Elroy & Kelroy Price and formed J.C. & Company, signed with the Jamalar Agency and Rampart Street Music and began to tour the world and share their music with people from Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France & Germany.

Kelroy Price is the co-founder of J.C. & Company, a gospel singer, song writer, recording artist and music producer. The youngest of 8 children, Kelroy was born and raised in Pearl River, Louisiana to a church going family. At the age of 5 Kelroy started singing with five of his brothers in a group called The Price Brothers and was well known through out the Crescent City, Mississippi, Texas, Ohio and Tennessee.
The Price Brothers were popular because of their distinct sound, unique voice, traditional arrangements and the fact that they were all so young.
Kelroy had the opportunity to work with a number of well known gospel groups such as, Mighty Imperials, Bester Singers and the Mighty Chariots. As he has developed over the years, Kelroy has also shared the stage with many notable performers such as The Friendly Travelers, JOYFUL’s Spirit of New Orleans Choir, The Gospel Keynotes, The Jackson Southernaires and The Christianaires.

Andre Randolph, Sr.’s love of music began at the age of 5. His first attraction was to the drums; he would find anything he could to bang out beats before he received his first drum set. Once in high school, Andre discovered the key board and found he had a natural talent; he was granted the chance to play for the school choir and that was the beginning of his life as a musician. Naturally, his siblings were an inspiration to him as they had already formed their own gospel group, The Randolph Brothers. He learned most of his music skills from his family. When the family group disbanded, Andre joined the Mighty Imperials Gospel Singers and gained experience as a well seasoned player and world traveler. When Jerome Clark and Kelroy Price approached him to join their new group J.C. & Company, he jumped at the
opportunity and has been with the group since they formed in the mid-1990’s.

Capriece Marie Williams like so many other gospel music singers from New Orleans grew up in an extended family of musicians and began singing at a very young age. It was common for Capriece’s family to find themselves singing and playing music during a family gathering. At the age of 14, Capriece formed a group called Four Shades of Chocolate and stayed busy performing at various local schools, churches and weddings. After high school, Capriece joined the JOYFUL Gospel Singers, toured with them, and in 2005 she became a member of an up and coming New Orleans gospel group, N*Harmone’. Now, as a member of J.C. & Company, Capriece will once again fulfill her dream of being an international performer.

Janet Marie Williams is a doubly blessed gospel music singer because of her ability to participate as a background vocalist as well as a lead vocalist. Working with a group like J.C. & Company she has the opportunity to fulfill both roles. As with most all New Orleans gospel singers, she began singing at a very young age and has continued to do so through out her entire life. Her first trip to Europe, as a performer, was with her high school choir and while in college at Oakwood University, Huntsville, Alabama, she also performed extensively around the world with their choral group, the Aeolians. Her professional career skyrocketed in the 1990s when she joined local gospel group Persuaded as a singer and a song writer. By
the late 1990’s, Persuaded had released a recording project and spent several years touring Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Linda Wright who has been singing since the tender age of 13 was first inspired by the Supremes and formed her first singing group, “The Diamonettes,” who sang with The Gladiators, now known as the Batiste Brothers. After taking private lessons at the Delgado Community College, Burton’s School of Music, Linda found she was blessed with being able to sing in a variety of styles such as Jazz, Blues,
Country and Gospel, all of which will be featured on her debut recording project, Another Chance which is due out later this year. Featured vocalist on several recordings for The Unstoppable Gospel Creators, Linda has joined J.C. & Company to get the ‘gospel quartet’ experience and to expand her dream of Touring internationally.

Brandon Griffin has a passion for playing the bass. Born and raised in New Orleans, he grew up around a family of musicians and singers and decided that one day he would join his uncle’s group. As a young boy, he watched his family perform and travel all over the state and country. After Hurricane Katrina, he decided to join the group. Brandon was fortunate enough to write a song for the new CD project for J.C. & Company titled: Thank You for Being There for Me.

Lucain Randolph - vocals, guitar and drums
Kelroy Price - vocals
Capriece Marie Sanders - vocal
Joycelyn Owens - vocals
Andre Randolph - keyboards




STAND UP (1997)
Rampart Street Music

Rampart Street Music

g   HE'S SO WONDERFUL (2010)
Rampart Street Music

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