Gospel Times

The roots of gospel music comes from a past long ago. A period of great suffering and a period of great sacrifice but undoubtfully a period rich in spirituality.
Gospel music has traveled throughout generations transforming into diverse types but most of all touching emotions across the world and becoming an element in our daily lives.
Representing diverse forms from spirituals and traditionals to the contemporary gospel music of today’s generation, transmitting the message of joy and emotional fulfilment. A celebration of life, liberation and spirituality.

Gospel Times was formed to relive these sensations and memories, re-creating an atmosphere of a past never forgotten. 

The group consist of highly acclaimed artist blessed with the ability of transmitting the true sound of gospel. A repertory rich of classic and contemporary gospel music.
An exhibition filled with emotion and soul.

Joyce E. Yuille - leader & contralto
Julia St. Louis - soprano
Josie St.Aimee - soprano
Kennet  Bailey -  barritono
Michele Bonivento - organo

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