The Georgia Mass Choir (Georgia, USA)

The Georgia Mass Choir featured with Whitney Houston in the Touchstone Pictures 1996-97 production The Preacher´s Wife. 3 of the songs from the album Georgia Mass Choir Greatest Hits (Savoy Records Label), where included as part of the movie soundtrack.

Just after featuring for the movie, Greatest Hits (Savoy 7123) was listed between the top of Billboard. This album became number 1 in January ´97 and remained first until May.

The World heard The Georgia Mass Choir during the opening and closing ceremonies at the Olympic Games, Atlanta 1996.

During 1997, The Georgia Mass Choir was a nominee for the Stellar, Grammy and Dove awards. They won together with  Whitney Houston, the prize of the NAACP. They played with Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder during the “Celebrate the Dream: 50 Years of Ebony  Anniversary”, broadcasted on National TV. They also played for the Good Morning America (ABC),  and The Saturday Night Live (NBC). During April and May, they became part of the Broadway Show "Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys" at the Beacon Theatre.

The success gained and the audiences reached by The Georgia Mass Choir has been credited by the Billboard, The Los Angeles Times, Jet, USA Today, The New York Daily News, The Atlanta Journal, Constitution, BRE and Gospel Today.

Magic started in Macon, Georgia in 1983. The Director of the choir is Rev. Milton Biggham, also director of the Savoy Gospel Label. All of the Georgia Mass Choirs albums are recorded with Savoy Records. Their last recordings are They That Wait (June 2000) and They Got  the World (May 2002). During de european tour of December 2004, Georgia Mass Choir presented the songs of their album "I Owe You The Praise".

On December 2013, Georgia Mass Choir presents: “Whitney´s Happy Days” a Gospel Tribute to Whitney Houston.

About them

"The Georgia Mass Choir Scores again with "I Owe You The Praise", a spiritually-energized vocal offering that is just as lyrically solid as it is vocally potent. The soul-stirring and emotional delivery of the tunes remains on-the-mark throughout the 15 track project that serves as the ultimate reminder of how and why GMC emerged as one of gospels' finest and most successful choirs."
Lisa Collins-Billboard Magazine

"This album is a perfect blend of down home gospel music. The traditional sound has a contemporary appeal; familiar, but fresh and unpredictable. My personal opinion...This album is lethal...every song is a hit!!!"
Neicy Tribett-Program Director, WDAS/AM - Philadelphia

"America's choir again touches our spirits, with a plethora of outstanding songs of praise, each selection takes you on a spiritual journey that will leave you thoroughly filled with the joy of the Lord. My favorites are "Walk in the Light" and "Stand"
Min. Lee Michael-WCAO Radio-Maryland

"The Georgia Mass Choir has offered up yet another phenomenal project, showcasing them as one of the anchors of traditional gospel choir music. As always, their approach to the songs they sing is one of sensitivity ans sincerity. They give their listeners joy. "I Owe You The Praise" is a treasure not to be missed by lovers of Georgia Mass!"
Teresa Harris-Gospel Today

"I Owe You The Praise" is the best project that I ever heard recorded by The Georgia Mass Choir. This one has the potential to be the number one record in the country. They have done it again!"
John Willis-Willis Broadcasting

... "Surpassing the realms of just a great choir and band, it is safe to say that Georgia Mass has become an American Institution."
Gordon Ely-Billboard Magazine

Milton R. Biggham - director
Daryl T. Robertson - musical director, keyboards
Tracy A. Clark’ Carter - singer
Roni S. Bobien - singer
Cortez A. Biggham - singer
Alvin Darling - singer
Seidel D. Harris III - singer
Leslie J. Harris - singer
Robin A. Bogan- singer
Fredicia Minyon Turner- singer
Lakesha A. Corbitt - singer
Gladys Owens Jordan - singer
Sharon K. Fuller - singer
Norris A. Christian - singer
Anthony D. Gantt Jr. - drums, singer
Kenneth A. Diggs II - bass, singer
Woody Pressley - singer

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