Ann Caldwell & The Magnolia Singers

Ann Caldwell is a vocalist and performing artist who sing songs about love and loss; heartache and  heaven. She has the quiet energy of a windmill yet the soulful voice and power of a locomotive. She brings passion to every performance, skillfully turning a phrase like, “catfish in a frying pan!”
Ann has been performing as a fixture on the Charleston music scene for more than two decades. Her rich, organic sound wraps around a note, takes it and the listenre to a different space in time. No two performances are the same as Ann brings a unique rhythm to every measure, every beat, and every world!

A native of Denmark, SC, Ann brings with her the spirits of her ancestors who lived on Oak lined dirt roads, and used music as a way to commune with each other, nature, and God. Never one to be “boxed in”, Ann performs music from several genres: Jazz, Spirituals, Pop Standards, Folk and Rhythm & Blues. Ann was a student of the late June Bonner, former Metropolitan Opera singer. Additionally, she is a gifted song writer.

Ann’s unique vocal style leads her band, “Loose Fitt Jazz Ensemble”, down the memory lane of the 1940s, ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. She also lends her sweet vocals to the lengedary R&B band, "Touch of Class". Both bands have performed during several Piccolo Spoleto Festivals, The Charleston Blues festival, The Charleston Jazz Festival, Low Country Legends, Porgy and Bess, The charleston Symphony Orchestra and various venues regionally. In 2010, Ann was given the honor of being the opening act for R&B legend, Al Green.

In 1998, she formed Ann Caldwell & The Magnolia Singers; an acapella group that performs spirituals indigenous to the South Carolina Low Country. The group has performed for Pulitzer Prize winning author Toni Morrison, internationally known artist Johnathan Green and others.
The Magnolia Singers offer a glimpse into the roots of American music and are highly entertaining.

Gullah music and spirituals are the "life music" of slavery. Gullah music sustained and encouraged slaves through the experience of praise. Listening to Gullah spirituals, audiences hear anguished voices, sense the courage to endure and feel the satisfaction Gullah music offered the soul. Gullah music and spirituals created community and allowed slaves to pass coded messages of resistance and escape.
The Magnolia Singers and Praise House bring Gullah music and spirituals to life. We celebrate the cultural heritage of this almost forgotten art form. In the tradition of the call and response, the Magnolia Singers invite audiences to join the universal experience of hope that is always the Gullah spiritual's central theme.

Through Gullah spirituals, audiences also experience America's most authentic music. Jazz, blues, ragtime, gospel and "soul music" all have their roots in the rhythm and improvisational style of Gullah music. The Magnolia Singers capture this collective experience as singers branch out in the course of a single song, each varying verse, tune and tempo, to weave a tapestry of music. All American music owes a debt to the Gullah spiritual.

Ann CALDWELL - vocal
Patricia JONES - vocal
Yvonne BROWN - vocal
Elaine SINGLETON - vocal
John SMALLS - vocal

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