Patrizia Laquidara

A singer and songwriter, she is comfortable with different genres, from songwriting to folk music and more experimental settings. She has also played leading roles in two musical comedies and acted in a movie (Ritual, una storia psicomagica, alongside Ivan Franek, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Cosimo Cinieri).

She has produced and partly composed her latest album, Il Canto dell’Anguana (Slang Music 2011), which has been awarded the Targa Tenco 2011 for the best Italian album sung in dialect.

Her previous albums are Funambola, produced and arranged by Arto Lindsay and Patrick Dillet (Ponderosa 2006); Indirizzo Portoghese produced by Pasquale Minieri and herself (Rosso di sera 2003); Para você querido Cae, entirely produced by Patrizia for Velut Luna (2000).
Before the Targa Tenco 2011, she had been awarded several prizes: Critics' choice at the Festival di Sanremo 2003; the Trofeo Insound 2011 award (as best singer); the Festival di Recanati 2002 award (best singer, best composition, critics' choice); the Premio IMAIE 2007 (best "folk music singer"); the Giovanni Paisiello Award; a Magna Grecia Award.

In 2007 her Funambola album was shortlisted at the Premio Tenco as one of the best five albums of the year. The tune “
Noite luar”, sung by Patrizia and written by herself and Paolo Buonvino, is part of the soundtrack of Manuale d’amore and was nominated for the David di Donatello Award in 2005.

In December 2011, Patrizia was Ian Anderson's special guest in the prestigious art project "Ian Anderson Plays The Christmas Jethro Tull for Benefit", obtaining a great response from audiences and critics.

She boasts a lot of prestigious and diverse collaborations in the fields of jazz and contemporary music, as well as quality pop music (Arto Lindsay, Ben Perowsky, Smokey Horlem, Tom Bartlett, Alfonso Santimone, Rita Marcotulli, Mario Venuti, Andrea Chimenti, Veniero Rizzardi, to name a few), film music (Paolo Buonvino) and folk music (Ambrogio Sparagna, Carlos Nunez, Elena Ledda, Mauro Palmas, Ben Mandelson, Nicola Parov, Guo Yue, Rodrigo Leao, Davide Van De Sfroos, Stefano Valla, Sandra Kerr, Wu Fei...). With historian Emilio Franzina, she has worked on the repertoire of the Italian migration songs, taking part in shows such as «Esuli profughi rifugiati, in una parola Migranti», «Veneto Transformer».

Thanks to her eccentric talent, she has extensively toured in the United States, in Latin America and Japan. She has also performed in Switzerland, Great Britain, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Croatia, always welcome by a wide and enthusiastic response.


An artist of extraordinary stature. With the freshness and caliber of her writting and her personality you can definitely count on her 'stamp' worthy of any comparison”.

Patrizia Laquidara this is a name with ever greater authority on the national scene”.

The girl has the air of International

"Ultimately it was her subtlety and soft, theatrical command of the music and the stage that made her set powerful. We will be hearing a lot more from her in the future
(Live World Music-USA)

One of the most talented singers our country that was “expressed” in a short time

Patrizia has supernatural magic filled with beauty, rhythm and mysterious sorcery. She is indubitably the most original and extraordinary singer who has visited us in a very long time
(Expresso De Guayaquil - Equador)

The veritable star of the evening, she brightened by her grace and her multiple talents.... Patrizia became the very peak of the evening to reflect poetically with all the sensuality of her art
(Le Matin - Morroco)

Keep her close. Few like her are born. An interpreter and songwriter who has yet to be discovered, but she has already entered into the history of the Italian music, with a prominent place
(Il Sole 24 ore)

Patrizia Laquidara, one of the most promising female voices on the panorama of Italian music”.
(Il Giornale)

We are in front of a true personality, a great artist”.
(Music Map)

"Sophisticated and mysterious. A poet who we can say of “Maudit” extraction. Laquidara plays with the words and with her voice that comes from a fusion of spontaneity, rebellion, and discipline. This makes her one of the most beautiful realities of the new generation of Italian singer and songwriters".
(Davide Ielmini - La Prealpina)

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