Superdownhome are a duo born in June 2016.
The play rural blues and are formed by:
- Henry Sauda on vocals, Cigar Box, Diddley Bow and Lap Steel.
- Beppe Facchetti Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Low-Boy and Crash.

Henry Sauda, former singer / guitarist for Granny Says and Scotch.
Beppe Facchetti, former drummer with Elizabeth Lee's Cozmic Mojo, with Louisiana Red, Rudy Rotta, and Slick Steve & The Gangsters.
The two decide to collaborate and form a duo linked to the traditions of rural blues, but also projected towards personal spaces and contaminated by rock'n'roll, country, folk and punk.

Seasick Steve and Scott H. Biram are the artists from which they take their starting point.
Inspired by Seasick Steve they decide to use tools like the Cigar Box or the Diddley Bow. From Scott H. Biram, they take the minimal approach and the mix between soft and wild mood.

The two spend a good part of summer / fall 2016 experimenting, looking for a definite sound and recording original material.

In April 2017 they release the first eponymous EP co-produced with Marco Franzoni and recorded at Bluefemme Stereorec in Brescia. In the meantime they decide to put on video two of the songs of the EP and on YouTube you can find "Can’t Sweep Away" and "Booze Bloodhound" directed by Ronnie Amighetti who followed them all summer 2017 recording live material for the next video coming out in January.

Several concerts and festivals in 2017. Among others Narcao Blues - Soundtracks Festival - Lido Blues - Lontano Da Festival and two prestigious opening (Fiamene Festival 2017 - Opening act for Doyle Bramhall Jr and Soiano Blues Festival - Opening act for Andy J. Forest).

In October 2017, the duo enter the studio to record a new product called Twenty-Four Days, again with Marco Franzoni in co-production and again at Bluefemme Stereorec.
The album also features the contribution of Popa Chubby who, after hearing the material of the duo and liking the sound, has agreed to collaborate on two tracks.

The album has been released physically for Slang Records and digitally for Warner

Henry Sauda - voce, chitarra elettrica, cigar box e diddley bow
Beppe Facchetti - cassa, rullante, low boy e crash




Slang Records
/ Warner

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